Dr. Bernhard Thies, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DKE

“The DKE has taken an active role in shaping the turnaround in energy policy. Standards open new markets and enable innovation. With the Energiewende 180° initiative, we offer companies and institutions a forum for their various innovations which focus on the energy transition.”

The DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE) is a modern, non-profit service organisation for the secure and efficient production, distribution and use of electricity. By extension, it serves to benefit the general public. It is the competence centre for electrotechnical standardisation in Germany.

The power of standardisation reveals itself through activities that encourage dialogue, protect competency and strengthen commitment. This is why the DKE launched the Energiewende 180° initiative.

It aims to: encourage collaborative efforts to master the challenges that the turnaround in energy policy will bring to Germany; succeed in the difficult task of developing sustainable and intelligent electricity production, distribution and consumption methods; and quickly implement technological progress for the benefit of society.

Energiewende 180° is a unique inventory of the range and innovative strength of all of the projects and solutions that make Germany's turnaround in energy policy possible. The results can be found on this website and in the printed compendium.

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