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Sustainable system and standardisation strategy – from technical concepts to marketability

IHES cooperation project – "Innovation Highway Energy and Services"
IHES is a cooperation project which is currently being developed. The goal is to create a networked service infrastructure for energy processes and assistance systems in buildings. To this day, a suitable system integration and a sustainable system and standardisation strategy is not available for the desired smart grid and smart building features. Together, we want to take this from being a technical concept to having a marketable strategy. Sustainably optimising the processes with the operational components in buildings requires an associated and efficient IT infrastructure for both smart grid and smart building concepts.

1. IHES project motivation
The pending realignment of the applied system philosophy can be used to optimise the interaction between energy production and consumption. In order to both fulfil these new regulations and achieve innovation, synergy and market acceptance within the framework of an openly competitive marketplace, an advanced and innovative system integration based on legal structures and the new regulations must be pursued.

The previous visions of a smart, networked building operation with a wealth of management features, comfort and service options can only be achieved if a number of market participants cooperate with one another.

In order to construct a system landscape, suitable partners are required. They must strongly commit to the system and innovation ideas that are presented.

2. Project objectives
The partners in the IHES initiative have set the following goals:
• Development of a system strategy to provide an open, innovative service platform for multiple services in the building sector
• Development and provision of a portfolio with suitable devices for various functions
• Establishment of an operating system for multiple services in smart metering, building management, energy management, assistance systems, health services
• Development of a management system for the entire service portfolio
• Testing of all system components at pilot sites
• Development of cooperation, aggregation, and business models
• Distribution of the service concept in the building and housing industry

3. Innovation Highway Energy and Services project organisation
In order for the desired cooperative objectives to be implemented smoothly, the following tasks will be successively realised within a clearly defined time frame: the formation of a working group for all of the interested project participants; the development of a project organisation; and rapid project development. Be it the technical development, the construction of a service portfolio or sales and marketing concepts, the entire process will be mapped.

The project partners of the IHES initiative can participate in varying capacities, be it as system partners for the IT infrastructure, service platform partners, developers for content services, etc. Each participant may take part according to their service portfolio.

4. Cooperation with other market participants
The development of the smart metering and smart service marketplace is taking on a leading role. Other market participants should establish cooperative relationships. In doing so, the system philosophy should be expanded and the interaction tested. One million equipped housing units can result in a service potential of at least EUR 400–500 million per year.

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