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Water heating – control intelligently, increase efficiency, save energy

CLAGE Home Server
Increasing consumer skill levels is a central component to the turnaround in energy policy. The latest project by CLAGE GmbH aims to notify consumers about intelligent measures that can be used to manage water heating for money saving purposes. Furthermore, the project intends to create awareness about individual consumption behaviour. This has become possible thanks to the CLAGE Home Server, as it offers precise temperature control while simultaneously recording consumption data.

usage display for optimising user behaviour

When it comes to hot water, many consumers are not aware of the amount energy required for washing their hands, taking a bath or showering, and of the inherent savings potential. This information gap is represented by the hurdle that reflects personal behaviour. In this context, hot water has homogeneous characteristics, similar to those of electricity. Hot water is available in unlimited quantities, but the way in which it is produced is often incidental. The energy required for heating water is barely visible to the consumer because it generally slips by as an unidentifiable portion of the annual gas, oil or electricity bills. With the CLAGE Home Server, all consumption details are visualised, monitored and stored on a touchpad. It is thereby possible to precisely control the electronically regulated water heater and simultaneously realise how much energy can be saved by taking shorter showers or using slightly lower temperatures, for example. The length of use, the water and energy consumption and, of course, the cost can be retrieved at any time. Consumers can set personal savings goals and check on their progress. There are motivational incentives to adjust consumption behaviour according to set savings targets and to actively save energy. By transitioning to smart control technology and integrated real-time evaluation, it becomes possible to develop a sense of personal hot water consumption habits. The consumer thus becomes integrated as an active partner in the energy policy turnaround because the change in user behaviour results in a sustainable savings potential.

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