Smart Grid - energy distribution and network control

Undisturbed network operation through continuous monitoring and accurate forecasts

PSIcontrol software solution
After the deregulation of the energy market, there were many functional improvements to network control technology. At the same time, cost-related aspects played a primary role in the decision-making process, such as with the concentration of the central network control technology, disturbance analysis and documentation, workforce management and diverse communication with systems within and outside of the company. The increasing supply of renewable energy also requires new solutions which were not covered by previous systems.

The current supply and transmission situation creates new control tasks for ensuring an undisturbed network operation as well as managing the impact of fluctuating decentralised energy supplies and growing amounts of information. PSIcontrol has integrated features for the purpose of supporting increasingly complex network control.

Overhead line monitoring enables lines to be better utilised in relation to the temperature and wind. This supports the transport of electricity from north to south (NOVA principle).

Congestion management is responsible for avoiding line outages. Contingency analysis functions continuously review potential bottlenecks in current and future load situations, all while considering planned switching activities (outage management) which are planned for the coming days. Bottlenecks are detected in time and bypassed (bottleneck correction, topological switching measures, re-dispatch if necessary).

The powerful decentralised energy infeed can create overloads on all network levels. To protect the network, there is feed-in management. In order to remove bottlenecks, feeders are shifted down or switched off depending on the topological criteria. The sensitivity analysis determines the switching with the best effect.

In addition to the central network management functions which have been mentioned, decentralised functions are being tested in the medium and low-voltage network. Examples include data acquisition for reliable calculations and calculations at the station level. PSI developed the Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) which is in use in research and actual systems. It has many interfaces as well as integrated processing.

Currently, the smart grid requirements for secure network management are not primarily being implemented with decentralised, intelligent components, but rather through new central functions. This will change in the future. PSIcontrol already has the functional and technical system requirements for improving network management through the cooperation of central and decentralised units.

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