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How should a decentralised energy supply be configured? Which business models are economical? What is flexibility with gas, heat, cold and electricity storage good for? These are all questions that are linked to the turnaround in energy policy. The Danish software energyPRO was further developed and adapted to the German marketplace for the purpose of carrying out technical and economic analyses of decentralised energy systems. This was done within the framework of the RegModHarz research project, which is funded by the BMU.

The fluctuating feed-in from wind and photovoltaic systems has come to affect electricity markets significantly. Controllable and flexible systems such as combined heat and power, biogas and biomethane systems are one of the most important building blocks to create an efficient energy supply with a high percentage of renewable energy. With the user-friendly energyPRO software, various business models for energy systems (consisting, for example, of wind and solar parks, biogas systems, combined heat and power systems as well as heat, cold, gas and electricity storage) can be modelled, simulated and optimised for various markets. In addition to the technical modelling, the economic conditions of the energy system stand in the foreground. Based on the income and expenses for the different systems (e.g. for fuel, maintenance, varying market prices or financing), the marginal costs are determined and priorities are assigned with storage in mind. The following example shows how energyPRO is actively involved in the turnaround in energy policy – it concerns making biogas systems more flexible according to the 2012 German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). The flexibility premium in the 2012 EEG created an incentive to no longer continuously operate biogas and biomethane systems, but rather to feed their electricity in as required and with a higher degree of efficiency when there is not enough wind and PV electricity available. The additional capacity that is required is then remunerated accordingly. Simple Excel spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for calculating if this additional capacity requires a design and, if so, which one should be used. These kinds of tasks require a special software such as energyPRO. There is a broad range of energyPRO users including public utility companies, engineering firms, consulting firms, combined heat and power unit manufacturers and universities.


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