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Dirty electricity – an issue for the turnaround in energy policy?

Bender Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Systems
The measures which are required to increase energy efficiency for the turnaround in energy policy can be a safety risk for people, machines and buildings if the electricity becomes polluted. By monitoring the electricity and voltage quality with Bender Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Systems (PEM), potential energy savings can be efficiently utilised while obtaining optimal safety, availability and efficiency from the electricity supply in plants and buildings.

With buildings or industrial facilities, energy efficiency usually begins with a concept to reduce consumption, such as by using cogeneration systems (heat and electricity), energy-saving lamps, switching power supplies or frequency converters. However, utilities with modern power electronics affect the electricity and voltage quality (power quality) and cause network disturbances and retroactive effects. This in turn results in what’s known as dirty electricity. Consumers can be affected in different ways – from the limited functionality or shortened lifespans of devices to compromising the safety of an electrical system or building. In the worst case, the overloading of a neutral conductor can result in a power failure or fire. Another adverse effect may be increased energy consumption – exactly what the energy efficiency measures intend to avoid.

Bender Power Quality and Energy Monitoring systems for facilities and buildings are part of a globally unique solution that links the highest standards of electrical safety with efficient energy management. Various components in the system record the amount of energy that is consumed and monitor the network quality as well as other relevant variables such as insulation resistance.

They also ensure that the electricity supply is safe and available. In doing so, they protect people and machines from the dangers of electric current. By combining the data, status information is available at a glance and corresponding analyses are easy to perform.

Along with the systems come measures to reduce energy consumption which are monitored and evaluated for the purpose of electrical safety. The two-sided perspective on energy and quality facilitates the best possible realisation of both demands: economic energy consumption and a high availability of the electricity supply. PEM systems by Bender ensure that energy efficiency is possible without it being at the expense of electrical safety and availability.

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