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Regional financing expertise for the turnaround in energy policy

Financing concepts for decentralised energy projects
The conditions that are necessary for making a successful transition to sustainable energy concepts do not only rely on technical implementation. They also require efficient partners who are familiar and experienced with the marketplace and who will regionally finance the respective project. Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing (DAL) is an energy competence centre for the German Savings Banks Financial Group. In cooperating with the local savings banks, alternative approaches for supporting energy project investments can be realised.

While the supply of energy was handled by a few large corporations in the past, nowadays regional providers must also invest in ensuring that the regional energy supply is secure. In doing so, these companies – usually public utilities and other municipal companies – carry the responsibility for their respective regions. The savings banks are usually the first points of contact because they offer financial expertise and regional commitment. The DAL complements the local savings banks as a national network partner thanks to its competence and decades of experience in both structuring and financing complex energy projects.

Gas and steam turbine plant for Stadtwerke Leipzig
A good example of our effectiveness can be found in the realisation of a gas and steam turbine plant with combined heat and power for Stadtwerke Leipzig. DAL developed a sale-and-lease-back solution with a 12-year term. It allowed follow-up financing with simultaneous figures for an expiring fund and was off of the Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH balance sheet. The structure and arrangement of the EUR 87 million financing volume was ensured through DAL’s close ties within the German Savings Banks Financial Group.

Wind energy
Apart from arranging business transactions, DAL provides support through its extensive energy know-how. “The establishment of wind parks in the Eifel region harbours great potential,” says Dieter Zimmermann, CEO of Ahrweiler District Savings Bank. “We need to rely on the expertise of a strong ally to implement regional approaches. We have found this in DAL. When reviewing a project, we receive extensive analysis from our DAL colleagues about factors such as profitability calculations. We can therefore give our customers the best possible advice and also draw attention to possible weak points.”

Solar energy
Even one of the pioneers of renewable energy in Germany is comfortable with having his company work together with the savings banks’ competence centre: “When we were financing our solar plants, DAL served as a partner with technical expertise and financing know-how,” says Udo Möhrstedt, CEO of IBC Solar AG. Together with the module manufacturer and system builder, DAL has implemented a solar park on the A 70 that carries a total investment of EUR 16.2 million. A special feature is that the equity investment which was necessary to finance the project was made possible through a participation model for investors.

It is an example of the variety of financing options that are not solely limited to lease structures, but rather extend to credit, instalment purchases and project financing. Each option receives ideally integrated funding.

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