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Effective brand communication for the turnaround in German energy policy

The "E-WENDE-CHECK-UP of the Eisenhut Rütten communications agency
This compendium shows that the turnaround in energy policy thrives on its diversity. However, if one considers many of today’s companies’ communication strategies regarding the turnaround in energy policy, it becomes clear that stereotypical and interchangeable symbols are used all too often. The turnaround in energy policy needs distinctive communications ideas, pictures and headlines to do its social impact and economic diversity justice. These tools are also needed in order to reach the goal of all forms of brand communication: to make people aware of the company, the product or the service that is being offered. It’s about building a brand that is different from the competition. We have therefore developed the “Energiewende Check-up”. It is a tool with which we support companies to optimally communicate products, services and commitments related to the turnaround in energy policy. For communication messages that are prominent, relevant and competitive.

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The “Energiewende Check-up” brand strategy tool has its foundations in over ten years of experience as a communications agency for clients in industry, IT, the automotive industry, financial services and associations. The main questions that are asked in the “Energy Transition Check-up” process are based on the proven factors for successful communication.

How do we get attention?
New approaches for communication are in demand. This applies at all levels, be it the chosen images which must be new, surprising and powerful, or the texts which explain the complex issues in an understandable and pointed manner. Media selection also plays a crucial role because some topics can be communicated more successfully through ads or brochures, while others may be better suited for films or apps.

How do we reach the target group?
The turnaround in energy policy in Germany affects all target groups: companies, consumers, opinion leaders and politicians. It is therefore very important to use a differentiated approach in this case. Ultimately, a thorough understanding of the needs of the target groups and the German market is vital to achieving successful communication. This is the only way to develop a communication message that impacts the rational understanding and emotional enthusiasm of potential customers and partners.

How do you position yourself in the marketplace and differentiate yourself from the competition?
Although the turnaround in energy policy is a very popular topic, it is nevertheless still a very young market. The “third industrial revolution” (Rifkin) will surely have a long lifespan and go through multiple development cycles. It is therefore important to establish clear and distinctive brand positioning early on. Those who lay the foundation for strong brand development will ensure a consistently strong position in a prestigious and increasingly tight marketplace for their company, its products and services.

The Eisenhut Rütten communications agency offers the “Energy Transition Check-up” as a discussion trigger and workshop process. The goal is to contribute strong brand positioning, a path to clear communication and creative execution – all of which are integral to business success.

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