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Mobile coolers offer high energy savings potential

Ezetil Eco Cool Energy Coolers
IPV GmbH is a leading manufacturer of mobile cooling units and is particularly focused on the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive. It calls for a minimum 40% reduction in power consumption levels and therefore places high demands on technology development. We can proudly say that we have already managed to develop our range of products and sell equipment on the European market which meets the limit values for 2014.

Mobile thermoelectric coolers from iPV offer maximum performance and minimal energy consumption

According to the EC Regulation 643/2009 to implement Directives 2005/32 (EUP) and 2009/125 (ERP), the production and import of thermoelectric cooling units with a 12 V and 230 V power connector will have certain limits prescribed on 1 July 2010 with regard to energy consumption (EEI = Energy Efficiency Index): from 1 July 2010 EEI = <150, from 1 July 2012 EEI = <125, from 1 July 2014 EEI = <110. The importance of these required limit values ​​is made clear by the following facts: conventional 12/230 V powered thermoelectric cooling units that do not comply with the above-mentioned limit consume an average of about 65 Wh; achieving an EEI value of EEI <150 therefore requires an energy consumption reduction of at least 40%. In Europe alone, approximately 2 million thermoelectric coolers are sold every year – about 60% of these are equipped with a 230 V connection. Assuming a cooler has a five-year life span, it is calculated that there are about 6 million functioning coolers available in the European market. This corresponds to annual energy savings of 250 kW x 6 million units = 1,500 kWh. This in turn results in electricity savings of up to €300 million (1 kWh = €0.20).

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