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Energy services for a green building

Modular energy efficiency programme
Energy services can help to significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption. Experts analyse heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems – which count as some of the largest energy consumers in a building – in order to uncover hidden energy efficiency potential and then derive non-investment and investment measures. Siemens has more than ten years of experience in this field and offers every customer services which are modular, tailored and certified according to the ISO 50001 energy management standard.

An example of this is the Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) which Siemens recently implemented at 25 of its own production and office locations. This has resulted in annual energy cost savings of EUR 5.5 million. Furthermore, the environmental impact is reduced by about 18,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The EEP follows a standardised procedure: first, energy experts from Siemens carry out a careful analysis of the site to determine its energy consumption. The resulting report shows the possible energy savings potential and the investments that are necessary. The second step sees the arrangement of a comprehensive, tailor-made package of improvement measures. After the measures have been implemented, the Advantage Operation Center at Siemens uses permanent monitoring to ensure the availability and optimisation of the systems. This guarantees that the level of energy efficiency which has been achieved will be maintained and continuously improved upon. Customers benefit from this programme through increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and a short payback period. The programme can be adjusted for customers of all sizes. With energy-saving contracting, the customer can also choose a type of contract in which the necessary investments are financed through the guaranteed savings in energy and operating costs. An example of this being implemented at Siemens can be found in the railway technology plant in Krefeld-Uerdingen. A detailed analysis of the energy-intensive plant was carried out by the EEP and it resulted in a package with several measures:

Thermal engineering
Set-up of a gas-powered combined heat and power unit, optimisation of hydraulics in the heat distribution, installation of radiant ceiling heating, renovation of central ventilation station.

Measurement and control technology
Renovation and expansion of the building control system; installation of the Advantage Energy Monitoring and Controlling monitoring system for the continuous recording and analysis of energy consumption. In the entrance area, a so-called “green building monitor” also provides information about the plant’s current consumption data while giving tips on how employees can help save energy.

• Investment of around EUR 4 million
• 15% reduction in operating costs; annual savings of EUR 670,000
• 20% reduction in CO2 emissions

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