Smart Grid - energy distribution and network control

More efficiency in the distribution network

3M cabel accessories with integrated measurement sensors
The rapid expansion of renewable energies is setting unprecedented demands on the infrastructure – especially for the medium- and low-voltage levels. In order to be able to constantly monitor and control the distribution network, a technical upgrade with high-quality sensors must be carried out. 3M shows how measurement sensors are efficient, fast and economically possible with its cable accessories that include integrated electricity and voltage sensors.

Retrofitted 3M cable accessories with integrated measurement sensors

Retrofit of a local network station with 3M cable accessories with integrated measurement sensors

3M cable accessories with integrated measurement sensors enable precise and continuous medium-voltage measurement. Consequently, values ​​are available in real time. Without these values, the early detection, acquisition and correction of faults or problems in the distribution network cannot be shown. The 3M innovation provides a modern sensor technology which is integrated into proven and reliable components, reliable thanks to very-high-precision measurements and able to be retrofitted quickly and easily. Thus, the current infrastructure not only gets upgraded, but it is also strengthened in a sustainable manner for years to come – and this at a fraction of the cost of other investments which are necessary for new network stations. The sensors, which can be selected for implementation in plugs or end closures, are not only available and ready for the market, but they have already proven themselves in practice. Within a few hours, the plug & play solution can be quickly and safely installed in local network stations without interfering with the substation. Handling is also safe and comfortable: because it is a passive device, no additional power supply is required for the sensors. Due to the precise plant calibration, there is no need for time-consuming and costly on-site calibration – this also applies for future operations. Another advantage is that no new authorisation is required for the local network station during the retrofitting process. The innovation of 3M is therefore ideally suited for use in protection and network control technology as well as the monitoring of network quality. 3M innovation can also capture a variety of measured variables including: phase voltages and currents; active, reactive and apparent power; symmetry factors; harmonic voltages and currents; and energy. The data is an important prerequisite for integrating renewable energy in a more efficient and speedy manner and thereby makes a significant contribution to successfully realising a turnaround in energy policy.

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