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Complete building technology can be controlled from the sofa in a comfortable and energy-efficient manner

Project example of an energy-efficient apartment building 
The turnaround in energy policy can only succeed if building sector potentials are increased. This involves consuming the lowest amounts of energy possible, coupling renewable energies and ultimately having buildings function as both energy producers and consumers. The policy objectives which have been declared – only building energy-plus houses by 2020 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050 – will only be attained with more efficient and intelligent building technology. A successful example from the Hanover area demonstrates how it can work.

The residential and office building designed by Holger Meyer is black and simple-looking with a flat roof and no chimney. He and his wife Henrieke realised their ideas perfectly: “The work of Peter Zumthor was especially influential, as the diligent selection and addition of the applied materials is of great importance to him.” The remarkable architectural diligence carries on inside, with exposed concrete ceilings and stairs, an austere configuration, minimal furniture and the bare essentials for accessories. The building technology is as intelligent as the building is unique, so it is, of course, equipped with a ventilation system with heat recovery. In addition, a heat pump provides heat and hot water. Furthermore, it cools the building on hot days. Only one device is responsible for all of these functions: the LWZ 304 integral device from STIEBEL ELTRON. “It was clear from the beginning that the building would have a ventilation system. The heat pump then basically came into the picture on its own because we, of course, also want to use sustainable building technology. With the LWZ device, we now have a product that combines all of the functions. It is ideal because it doesn’t restrict your freedom to arrange things as you wish,” says Holger Meyer. Mr Meyer also enthusiastically shows how the technology in his building can be monitored or controlled from the comfort of his couch or office with the Internet Service Gateway (ISG) from STIEBEL ELTRON. “The biggest steps that can be taken to increase savings in an intelligent house include better understanding your heating and ventilation system, using it more efficiently and controlling it in a more comfortable manner. The ISG works in every household that uses the Internet via a router – basically everywhere,” says Karlheinz Reitze, managing director of the company.


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