Smart Grid - energy distribution and network control

An economical alternative to conventional grid expansion

iNES – intelligent substation and distribution management system
Due to a volatile energy feed-in by renewable energy producers and an increase in stronger consumers (eMobility), low-voltage distribution grids are becoming heavily loaded. This has negative consequences for the security of resources and energy supply reliability. As an integrated intelligent distribution grid management system, iNES is the economical alternative to conventional grid expansion. iNES provides secure, transparent and autonomous distribution grid management as well as the sustainable closure of the “intelligence gap” in the local grid.

iNES – overview of grid state identification and distribution grid management

iNES – modular upgrading stages

In the future, the turnaround in energy policy and the incentive regulation scheme will result in continually increasing numbers of decentralised energy suppliers and new, high energy consumers. This requires the use of new technology regarding communication, measurement, control and automation in order to: counteract the change in power flows and load situations for the distribution grids; guarantee supply reliability and give essential detailed information about the conditions within the local  grid. In response, the iNES research project was started in 2011 by the University of Wuppertal, Bilfinger Mauell GmbH, Mainova AG and SAG GmbH. Since 2012, the iNES system - a combination of hardware and unique grid management software and algorithms - has been developed and successfully implemented in several grids. In taking the first step to creating a smart grid, existing substations are enhanced with an iNES sBOX in order to detect the utilization ratio and substation status. Grid monitoring function is achieved by placing sensors (mBOX) at neuralgic nodes, by installation of control units (aBOX) at selected decentralized power producers grid automation is attained, both of the entire local grid.

Only a maximum of 15% of all grid nodes need to be equipped with iNES hardware to automatically map the complete local grid status and changes in grid topology by the innovative iNES calculation algorithms (Intelligent Grid Control / Grid State Identification). With this autonomous, intelligent and secure distribution grid management solution the optimal action strategies for voltage control, active power and reactive power control are computed and exercised in real time. With iNES, electricity conditions in a local grid are completely and transparently mapped, while undesirable grid developments are countered in a decentralised, self-sufficient manner. iNES is therefore the integrated intelligent distribution grid management system ensuring optimal utilization of existing grid capacities. Following the motto “intelligence instead of copper”, it is the economical alternative to conventional grid expansion.

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